"Best in Washington...period."
"A friend of mine is from the Bay Area, CA and one day we were driving through Renton and spotted Naan -N- Curry. He noticed it because that is a chain of GREAT Indian/Paki restaurants in California. We decided to try it, and thank goodness we did! This place not only has the best Indian food I've ever had (and I've been around), but I am now addicted. Try the haleem and chana masala or the bhindi, they are to die for. Also, say hello to the owners. They are always there and aways love to hear what we think about the food and service."

– uwnut

"Biryani is the Best I Have Had"
"This is the first time i found food good enough to write a review for. Me and my wife moved to the US from India a little more than a year back, and were dying to find a place that had good biryani. Every other resturant we tried was worse than the other. Now, getting good biryani is difficult even in India, but finding it here in the northwest was the biggest culinary surprise we got. The LAMB BIRYANI is absolutely awesome, we had it for dinner and then went back next day for lunch. Yes, it's that good. So, if you are looking for authentic indian food that would give tough competition to and Indian resturant in india, this is THE place to go."

– biryanibuff

"Excellent Food, remind me of back home. The Nehari Lamb is the best i have ever had in my life. I went during peak hours with ten of my buisness colleagues but the service was still great. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone who wants authentic indian/Pakistani food. TWO THUMBS WAY UP!!!!!!!"

– Suresh C.

"The best thing about Naan -N- Curry is that it is a real experience, not just a great restaurant. My fiancee asked how they made their naan, and not only did they take him back to the oven, but gave him a piece to try. The Mutter Paneer is our absolute favorite, but I always try something new in addition, and have never been let down. The proprietors are extremely nice and want to make sure you are completely satisfied. It's the only Indian restaurant we go to anymore!"

– Susan Z.

"I can recall when this place used to be called Spirit of India. I've frequented this place for several years. It's definitely my favorite Indian restaurant in Washington. I would dine here more often if I lived closer to Renton.
Naan-N-Curry never ceases to amaze and tease my taste buds. I love the ambiance in this restaurant. My favorite guessed it, the Butter Chicken. I first tried butter chicken here at Naan-N-Curry, so it's only natural that I compare everyone else's to it. Rarely do I find such a tasty version.
As I always say, ALL indian restaurants are pricey, so spending 15-17 dollars on yourself is nothing to gasp over. Everything is family style anyway, so bring a lot of people and share! Their Mango Lassi is so delicious that I'm salivating heavily as I write about it."

– Ameenah S.

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